Wordless night.

Did you ever feel like want to :
throw everything that you see
punch the mirrors and break all the furnitures
scream out loud and hide at a place that no one knows
run away from all people and wonder who will cares about you
cry all the time while shouting all things that make you feel really pressure
grab the people that you don't like and push them against the wall HARD and shout at them
and feel like want to..


I feel you. I feel pressure. I don't know how to express it. I got exam tomorrow. I can't study when I'm having this tense. No one knows how it feels. Except for me. I'm not the cheerful Afifah anymore. I'm different. I feel like want to run away. I'm not as happy as the old me. The old me is...

Slowly fade away..

and die..

Good night everyone. Good night monster. Good night little Afifah

I miss you .

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