Hello, Assalamualaikum!

I just want to share my experience when I went to UTP's Educamp for 2016 March Intake.

So, I arrived UTP's chancellor hall earlier than the time they asked to come but eventhough I went earlier, the line to register already loooooong. At first I wanted to wait for my friends but forget it if I wanted for them the line would be much loooooonger (sorry girls huhu) Then I got my number (forgot what number already) the I went into the chancellor hall. I was alone and suddenly yassssss one of my friends came to my direction. Grabbed his her hand and asked her to sit next to me. Talked a bit then the briefing session started.

Then, we were asked (by group if Im not mistaken) to go to the computer lab to sit for CPSQ and TSA tests. CPSQ is personality questions so easy one lah just be honest and you're done. TSA was a bit hard and tricky. It tested about language and calculation skills and also IQ. Better do some revision and past years TSA papers (google it!)

After everyone had finished answering their tests, all the candidates were interviewed. The interview was just short and sweet and simple. I was asked about what did I choose to study in UTP and why did I choose that. Bang! Got the answer in my mind already because I've prepared the answer for that question. Phew. Answered it confidently and I packed my things and went home!

That's it.

Alhamdulillah, I was offered to continue my study there but, I didnt accept it because of several personal matters. But both of my friends accepted it and they are doing well there. One in Foundation of Applied Chemistry and one in Civil Engineering.

Till then. Bye, Assalamualaikum

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