It's cute when grumpy cat sleeps with a teddy bear

March will end soon. Can't wait for 3 April (My birthday). After April, May and then June then July then August and September and lastly October. PMR !! My first test result is just 'okay' *cry* okay. next, my netball team got third place in group but we didn't get the chance to go to the next game. Kinda sad but it's okay. We'll try again next year (maybe). Wind defence is not so easy and not so hard lol depend on who is your rival

Alright. It's holiday time (just a week. it's not enough) but my mind "Is it holiday ? Seriously ?" Dear teachers, holiday means NO HOMEWORKS PLEASE we need to rest too. But when I think about it again and again, homework means practice. practice makes perfect. since nobody perfect, so we need to do practice so we will understand something better. Positive thinking please 

Last Saturday, I went to UTM (Universiti Teknologi Malaysia) to attend a talk about how to study better. The consultant took a lot of picture of our school's student but.. there are A LOT of mine and my friends' pictures (Aigoo) and the one who gave the talk asked all of us to stand up and be a conductor of an orchestra. Then after we finished doing it, he talked talked talked and talked blablabla lastly he showed a slide where my friends and I were in it. I thought it just a photo. Luckily It's a video and everyone was in it. Okay that's it.

Tomorrow (Wednesday) I will attend a 'bengkel' for science. and my teacher asked some of my friends and me to be the faci (aigoo) Wish me luck for tomorrow. 

I cant wait to meet my cousins from Abu Dhabi (wehee) this Saturday ! Really looking forward to it. It's a must to finish all my homework before Saturday.

My holiday time plan :

-Must do 'kerja kursus sejarah' (FIGHTING)
-Finish all homeworks before 30th of March (MUST)
-Must be the kindest faci (yew)
-Be kind to everyone (yew)
-Exercise everyday / Diet (no)

That's all for now. Bye everyone !  Don't forget to be healthy everyday and be kind to apeople ;)

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