Holiday will end soon so have a nice day with homeworks

Went to swimming yesterday with my girlfriends. As usual I brought my swimming board and Zul brought something childish. She brought a pool float with Tweety bird picture on it. Nazrin and I were the happiest girls that time. Since I love water, I didn't went out from the swimming pool from 9am till 12noon. Luckily I didn't get sunburn. Liyana and Zul went out from the pool early because they already hungry but I prefer swimming pool than food (omg) played 'skip open' and 'tepuk amai amai' in the swimming pool with Nazrin and we kissed the swimming pool's floor too lol. 

Then Zul's dad sent me home and I went home and I felt like want to go out again that day but I must save my money so I changed my mind I did not want to go out. Futhermore, my mom will now allow me to go out more. 

Holiday will end soon and my homework still forty-percent-not-finished-yet I don't know when I will do the interview for my 'kerja kursus sejarah' since I must do the interview with my friends but their schedule kinda full.

Countdown for my birthday : 4 Days 13 Hours more ! 

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