In high definition I'm dreaming of you .

It's been awhile I didn't update my blog. Well, too many things to do since I'm such a busy student lately. Homeworks, kerja kursus, revisions, science discussion, and blablabla. Need to go to school earlier than usual. ugh fck-my-life. This week is so tiring and stressful. nuff said. By the way, just heard Yuna's song called Coffee and it's a good song. Guys, check it out. Yuna, you make us (Malaysian) proud of you
I'm fifteen now. Afifah, you're a big girl now. Don't forget all the things that you should do. 
Thank you to my 200th followers. Such a long time I didn't get any followers. How sad. 

Bad english. I'm sorry. 

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