Dear friends, Sorry for being too emotional about the result. I know I should have be grateful with the result. Maybe it is not my luck or 'rezeki' to get a better result. I should have say Alhamdulillah instead of haish when I see the results because there are others who got worst than mine but still smiling. I know I should not be selfish when I said you guys did not understand my situation. I know you guys had gone through a worst situation than mine. But then, I realize something. I should have study more and hard to archive something good and even better.

Thank you friends. That is all that I could say. Through this post. I am sorry. It is hard for me to tell this in front of you guys

I am sorry for everything. For all those bad things that came out from my mouth, and all the cursing words I gave to you guys. Cursing is really not me but when it comes to Bad Afifah, than it is her.

Maybe I am not a great friend, but who cares for me I will always be your good friend. Cheering for you everyday even though we are fighting over something big. Sounds cliché as that is but it is true.

I'm posting this not for 'ambil hati'

By the way, Selamat Hari Raya

This is what Maaf Zahir dan Batin means.

Princess Afifah (VVIP)
-cursing is really not me-

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