First attempt at making tom yam

Assalamualaikum everyone !

Soooo I cooked tom yam (alone) for the first time in my life. (judge me? go on.) It turned out to be oishii desu ! okla tak terlalu sedap nak kalahkan kedai punya or mom's cook tapi for me, it was good for the first timer like me (/.\) How did I ended up making Tom Yam today ? Well, yesterday my tekak suddenly wanted to eat food with spicy kuah and some prawns in it and I thought Tom Yam was a good idea. So I googled few Tom Yam recipes and at first almost all the recipes I found need soooo many ingredients and kinda complicated to make as yknow I'm not at home and the kitchen's appliances are not as good and complete like at home. Ah, I miss home (T~T) But finally, Alhamdulillah, I managed to find a simple and tasty recipe to make the food I wanted to eat, Tom Yam Thai. On way home, I asked the uncle bas to stop in front of a groceries store near the condo I currently lives in. Bought few things and I felt like already grown up like mothers who go groceries shopping while thinking "esok nak masak apa pula eh?" lol. One of  the things you need to do when you live by your own and not with family is you REALLY NEED TO COOK in order to SAVE MONEY. (Save money and you can learn how to cook too) Too bad my roommate and housemates went home and didn't get to taste my delicious Tom Yam Thai (why do I look like I'm bragging my own cook when actually it is not confirmed to be delicious lol) So, the recipe that I used as reference was  Thank you TiffinBiru!

The tom yam that I made #tipuje #butIreallymadetomyam #itjustnotthisone

 the presentation tak cantik sebab nak makan bukannya nak masuk competition lulz

Till then. Bye, Assalamualaikum.

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