Early Days in IBT

Assalamualaikum everyone !

On my previous post I've wrote about my interview experience. Alhamdulillah I was chosen to be one of JPA-MARA scholars. It has been almost two months I've studied in a new place (not a university tho) called Institut Bahasa Teikyo. It is located in Japan Club of Kuala Lumpur at Taman Seputeh. Life as a 'gakusei' (Japanese word for student) is quite challenging but exciting at the same time. At first, the students need to remember hiragana and katakana, the basic characters that you MUST remember kalau nak tulis Japanese language lah kan, obviously. Then, when kanji comes... Got homework and has to remember 10 kanji (plus new words) every day seems normal for me already. Everyday memang ada test kanji. Sounds hard right ? But it's for the students' good tho. Biar hafal and ingat. Japan got 2000+ kanji and in order to study in Japan of course lah kena ingat kan so in order to make the students remember, sensei make the tests everyday. And for grammar, every week ada mini test untuk grammar to test the students either they do understand or no. That one, easy. Ok so after dah belajar like 5Chapters of Bunpo (grammar) there'll be a big test which the marks akan di key in in the school's system. Kalau tak lepas markah yang ditetapkan, repeat #PrayForAfifah

" Bersusah susah dahulu, Bersenang senang kemudian "

(i wasnt in my class this time #myclassisprettier #ceh)

Till then, Bye, Assalamualaikum .

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