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Hello, Assalamualaikum everyone !

Just another random post dengan berbackgroundkan lagu BEAST's Butterfly, I just want to share that I was a fanfic writer back then. So, I read back some of my unfinished fanfics and I found most of them funny. Cliche storylines indeed.  Read and judge it by yourself (you may laugh but dont make fun of me)

My Other Half, a story about two people, Camillia and Kyo that get together as they want to forget their dark past memories. They were both hurt, badly. They promised to each other to get revenge to their past memories. But, after they both know about each other and often go out together to plan their revenge, they fell in love. When they were about to confess to each other, Kyo was involved in an accident which made him lost his memories. His ex-girlfriend who was his brother’s ex- wife, came back and said that they did not break up yet.How will she fix things up ? Will they managed to revenge those humans that hurt them ? Is ‘Happily Every After’ really do exist ? 

(sekadar gambar hiasan)

Excuse my grammar error. Tak power english pun. Ok tu je. 

Till then. Bye, Assalamualaikum.

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