Life In IBT

Assalamualaikum everyone !!

I once wrote about my life in ibt. Now it's getting a little harder and harder. I just took my second teiki shiken and i wasn't really satisfied with the result i got but still, Alhamdulillah. Teiki shiken is asome kind of semester exam (?) students will take this exam everytime they finished learning each nihongo book. so there will be like 5 teiki shiken kot and the first two there will only nihongo but for teiki 3 my senpai said ada masuk physics, chemist, math if you took the engineering course or the social science subjects. and nowww my physics and chemist class just started and it was a bit hard to understand what my sensei said since the words they used are a bit high (kot) but but but we still understand what they tried to say lah. So for those who wants to enter ibt in engineering course, it is better for you to read back what you learned in school. for social science students, im not really sure about that but my friends in social science are hafal-ing all the negara and ibu negara in the world in nihongo. setakat ni, I am happy to be here but but but at the same time, stress sikit sebab to be in ibt is like you need to have a peace in mind to sumbat all the nihongo in your atama (head) and dont let it keluar from your atama (head) . You need to remember so many things like grammar , kanji, math, chemist, physics, words. you gotta be strong here, gurl.

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