The start of a new year

Assalamualaikum, hi !

So, It is the second week of 2017 ! But were a lot of things happened these days. And also a lot of feelings that I felt. My 2017 didn't start greatly. My sensei that teaches my class changed and the subject I'm currently taking have started to become harder and harder, faster and faster. And the words getting more and more. Everyone else seems cool about it but I know, everyone's struggling, too. There was a day where I felt like a complete tak pandai's student just because I couldn't answer my sensei's answer. And time where I thought that my sensei didn't like me by the way she treat me. But, I guess that's how her personality is. The most garang teacher I've ever met in my life, hehe. I just sit a mini test last friday. Math's. And the whole class was told that the one that will be asked was like the homework sensei gave. not-so-unfortunately, it was a completely different question. Which I, myself, couldn't answer and I was completely blank while answering the question eventho I could answer the question before. My mistake, I didn't revised back all the things I've learnt. And again, I felt like a stupid student. ( u arent stupid afifah, u just terperanjat ) I was still sad about it tho. But, one must not give up right ? I've learnt my mistake, do revision again and again and remember them all !

Till then, Bye !

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