Hectic Week!

Assalamualaikum everyone !

So..I just finished my third Teiki Shiken!! 😅 Yay (tak yay pun sebenarnya) which kalini include science subjects : chemistry, physics and mathematics. This time's exam was probably the most hard, stressful examination for now. for NOW like yes, for now. Everything was..... saddening 🙁 But this time really gave me a lesson which I should not study at the very last minutes with the thought of " ok i can do this and that nanti " well, no. I messed up in my interview a lot because of the polite form and the casual form since im used to use the casual form 🙄( padahal supposed tak boleh kalau dengan sensei dalam kelas but still i tried la tak guna casual dengan sensei, a bit hard wei! )

The exam's questions were sooooo different than first and second teiki, im shocked, no, WE shocked. habis je exam everyone was like 😶 😐 😑 until the very last paper, listening exam. Heh. Then we realised, ni baru teiki 3 belum 4, 5, eju, jlpt.... Ok, lek lek. I am very nervous about my result which I don't expect anything. I just want to pass without having to retake any exam because it's menyusahkan but, let's just wait and see.. So nervous, much nervous than the spm's nervousness. Probably worst.

This week and last week are somewhat tiring 😪 Probably because of the test and homework are getting more and more. What's that mean ? More homework + study = less sleep until the part I feel like studying is my much more important than eating ( lasted for just an hour then i ate a lot 😋 ) Luckily, kanji lessons are just 2times a week so takdalah makin banyak homework. but i know, ni baru sikit. So i need to get used to this kind of lifestyle, lek, tak sampai setahun lagi !! ganbatte fifa💪

So, I am now siting here writing this post after finished writing my sakubun ( essay ) about experience on anything I had experience on. Well, obviously. Im looking forward on this week's weekend because Im going to meet my whole family yaaaaay 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦! Living with Double I who both lives in KL is hard sometimes but yet fun. Hard when the thought of they get to see their family on every weekend comes into my mind but fun when it comes to try new food, do new things since they both are very ok-jom-kinda-people 👍 cheers for them 🎊 🎉  I dont know if they'll read this post but since I never told them about my blog then ok. They probably won't read this 😝

And I thinkk that's for now, It's 2.50am and my dark circles are getting darker, eye bags are getting bigger, yet my love to you is getting weaker 😐 Apeni. Hambar, tahu dah. So, good mornight everyone! I got class tomorrow from 8.50 to 5.15 (everyday) ok dah bye 🙋 

my last word for today,



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